Create for yourself

We are created to create, it’s what we will find the most joy and satisfaction out of, especially when you’re creating the things you’ve always wanted to do.


If you’re not sure what you love to do write down 25 topics or ideas you would love to write about or share with like minded people through video, audio, words or visual. This will reveal what you are truely passionate about. Make some time with tips from my post “Get an extra 12 hours out of your day” and get creating. Use personal creative projects to explore new obsessions, skills or ways of working.

“You cant try to do things, you must simply DO them”


Remember to create for yourself and then share your creation with others, you never know where it will take you or who you’ll be fortunate enough to meet. Don’t focus on the number of views, be passionate and love what you do or love how you are growing through the process and opportunity WILL follow.


Make a commitment to working on your projects at consistent intervals daily/weekly to build creative muscle and momentum over time. Don’t leave it to later, because later never arrives. There will be times when it is hard but growth will follow and if your truely passionate about it and push through, there will be no stopping where you can go.

“If commitment & constancy are your habits, you will be successful”

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