Imagine truly living your life, doing what you love daily and the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want to.

Throughout my life, I couldn’t understand why people complained about their 9-5 and their inability to do what they wanted to when they wanted to do it. I wondered where they learned that they couldn’t control their life. In my mid-twenties I figured out that people are controlled by someone, and that someone is themselves. The sad reality is that people listen to external sources who are living an average life, so naturally, they start thinking like the average do.


What others think plays a major part in why most are not living a life worthy of the limited time we each have. Fear they will fail and find themselves embarrassed, fear they will be wrong, fear someone won’t value their opinion or fear of the unknown. But here’s the truth, fear is not real. Danger is real, yes, but fears only exist in the mind and the mind can be changed. Answer this. Is there some law of nature that is preventing you from reaching your dreams or is it simply fear? If you find that there is a law of nature stopping you, let’s talk and I’ll help you find a way around it.

Question. Are you more afraid of what others think than living the one and only life here on earth to the fullest extent?


Excuses are another thing stopping many from reaching their dreams. I had to overcome both fear & excuse. To some extent, I didn’t care what people thought of me, but there was a little insecurity I had to overcome before I could create my dreams. Excuses were the last thing I overcame and that was only in late 2017 at the age of 27. Excuses exist predominately because of laziness. To reach your dreams you must stop with the excuses, go out there and get what you want. Give me excuses and the answer you’ll receive is and…???

With the removal of fear and excuses, you’re ready to take steps towards a life lived on your own terms.


One way to increase your income is to start a side business. Do you get paid on commission? Perhaps you could suggest to your boss that if you succeed in bringing him new business he could pay you a percentage of the new business for the first job. To succeed you’ll need to learn all you can about sales. Sales and marketing is quite simply, everything. You can sell a pet rock in a box and make millions, don’t believe me? Google it.


Save to invest don’t save to save. A standard savings account generally just keeps up with inflation so you’re not moving forward. Always learn about and know what you invest in before you do. It’s simple, if you don’t understand the investment don’t invest in it. There are many low risk ways to return at least 10% per annum.

Invest in another flow of income. Perhaps your side business has a sister company that would work nicely together. Start something else that you are interested in. If you have stocks, try peer to peer lending. Find some good long and short-term investments. Short-term business/marketing investments and long-term compounding interest. Compounding interest is the greatest force on earth, It’s slow for the first 15 – 20 years but after that, it goes nuts.

Is it possible that you just need to learn how to invest properly? Instead of buying a car, invest the money you were going to spend on a car and lease a car through your business. If you do this you’ll find that when you retire you have a passive yearly income and you’ll get to drive a brand new car every 4 years for the rest of your life. Plus there many more benefits like using TAX as your friend and not your foe.


The goal is to make more in each flow of income you create, and then invest the extra you make into something else that again creates more income. Don’t forget to ensure that you are working each income flow to its maximum potential before starting something else.

Eventually, you’ll end up in a position where you have to work very few hours to earn your living. But you’ll also find something you love doing so work won’t feel like work. When you’ve reached this stage, go and do what you’ve always wanted to do. My story started in a small marketing agency coding and managing email marketing campaigns. I progressed into website design & development. I did my time and then realized that I hated the 9-5 desk job. For a season it was important to put the hours in and learn the valuable skills I acquired. I set up a side business which increased my income and I invested it in a house for three years. My wife and I then sold our house and used some of the gains to set up my own company and also buy another house. I left that 9-5 desk job and I now only need to work 3-4hrs a day 9.5 months of the year to pay our bills, take multiple amazing holidays each year and finance the things we want in life.

Basically, I halved my hours and doubled my income. With my extra time, I’ve set up a whole-food ready-made meal delivered to your door business with a weight loss sister company, a marketing agency & a donations payment platform. Not just having one source of income has to be one of my top tips.

I am now wanting to use my time spare time to help people & businesses achieve their goals. I’m interested in working with those who want to go deeper and anyone can book a one on one consulting call where I will provide personalized advice to fast-track them to their goals.

It’s time to design your life and make your dreams your reality.

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