Finding focus in a distracted world is how you achive ​your dreams

Everyone and everything wants your attention and focus in this day and age. Here are some thoughts on how to focus so you can achieve your dreams.

Defend your time

Start saying no to everything that is not taking you towards health, wealth or happiness. You will find that only a few things are left which you can then refine.

Make the most of every minute

The best and most revealing trick is to start time blocking everything in your calendar. This will help you plan the time to get your most important tasks done and see what you are wasting you time on.

Turn off all notifications

Turn off your phone, email and apps notifications because they can drain your focus. I choose to turn off all alerts & sounds on my devices so I can focus on my work and my clients work which gives me a quick turn around time and my clients appreciate this commitment. When I am in between tasks, I sometimes check my emails, and this is when I might contact someone back.

“Creation is in part the business of forgoing the great and small distractions”


Do the projects that require hard focus early in your day because self control and the ability to resist distraction declines as the day moves forward. Doing busy work is easy, doing your best work is hard, so focus on tasks & habits that take you towards your goals and give them your best attention.


For me, I like to start the day with a quick yoga session ad this gets the blood and oxygen flowing through my body and brain for the dayre-setting me for the next block of productive work.




My daily focus routine

Daily routines always start the night before.

I wake up at 5.30am and have a semi cold shower right away. This wakes me up and

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