Get an extra 12 hours out of your day

How is it that everyone has the same amount of time in their day but some seem to get so much more done?

The first and most important part of maximising your day is looking after your body. I get to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am which gives me 8 hours sleep and helps me keep my focus all day. A low carb whole food active lifestyle is second to sleep. Whole foods have the most nourishment to fuel our bodies and keeping a active lifestyle will keep the blood and oxygen flowing, giving out brains the substance it needs to perform at it’s peak for longer.

“Long shelf life = short self life”


For most people getting up at 6am gives you 3 hours before work. Maybe you have kids, you could go to bed just after them and still get your 8 hours sleep and 2 hours of personal time in before they wake up. Use this time to focus on your most important (not urgent) tasks & habits that get you towards your goals plus you can fit a workout in.

When you go into the office, purposefully take the bus, ferry or Uber as this can give an average of 1.5 hours of reading time per day. Use this time to learn about business, sales or personal development. Over your work breaks contact potential new clients/partners or meet with people to network and find new projects, this would add up to an average of 1 hour.

Plus studies show in a 8hr desk job you’re really only working for about 4-5 of those. So maybe you can do a task here and there for your side business while on the job but your main job takes priority during work hours.

I personally get up at 6am then do a quick 30min workout. I’m not trying to be buff, I just want to be fit, healthy and get the most of my body and mind each day. I catch the ferry to work which gives me 30mins of work time before I get to the office at 7.30am. I then leave the office and ferry home again where I read about business and marketing.


The average time spent per day on social media and news sites is 3hrs. The average person watches 4hrs of TV per day. I couldn’t believe that at first as I haven’t had a TV in years. Use this 7 hours to start a “side” business or work towards that goal you have always wanted to do.

I’m sure if you optimise other activities in you day you can find some more time too not just for work but for family, your kids, friends, hobbies.

“There’s no room for excuses around lack of time, just get your priorities right.”

Need help getting the most out of your day? Schedule a call and I’ll help you out.

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