Taming your tools

Oh, the amount of things there are on that clever little device in our pockets and on that screen we stare at all day in the office. Those things love to popup and pull us away from the things we would love to achieve or focus on.


This is a life saver. Is someone else tagging you in a silly meme more important than your focus on achieving your life dreams? I hope not. The only notifications I get on my phone and computer is calls & texts, all others including social & email are turned off. In-fact I don’t even use social anymore. Also, I only give my number to a few people and only notifications from my wife texts come up and not anyone else. I’m at work to work and I’m at home with family or friends to be with family or friends. I’ll check my phone if I find time.


Most of the time your emails are your todo list from everyone else. Make sure that your todo list which directs focus towards your goals comes first. I don’t open my emails until my three most important goal focused tasks are done for the day. When complete I then start working on client projects. Remember to focus on most important tasks first, not the most urgent.


This requires distinguishment between compulsive and conscious behaviours. Are you acting out of boredom or blind habit when you could be serving a higher goal?

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything that is not towards their dreams, goals & personal beliefs”


Be conscious of your body. When sitting at a desk all day your whole body starts to shut down. Our core is not engaged because we slouch and it causes back problems and shallow breathing. Breathing deeply and regularly can decrease stress levels and aides in making better decisions because the oxygen is actually making it to the brain in larger amounts. Standing and moving around gets the blood flowing and the oxygen in our blood back to our brain so it can function better. You can’t work well with a half functioning brain.

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