Property Trading Training

Topics covered

  • Getting setup to trade property

  • Finding & shortlisting properties

  • Running the numbers to see if its a potential viable deal

  • Negotiating & buying at a bargain price

  • Briefing the team on the renovation

  • Renovation tips & project management

  • How to sell for maximum profit

  • Things to look out for


Content included

  • Video content explaining all the topics above in detail (So you can see my process and tips in detail)

  • Bullet point notes on everything I talk about (Just in case you forget to write something down)

  • My Budget Breakdown Spreadsheet (Saves you hours on pricing up a renovation and has all our trades and suppliers costs & contact details)

  • Shortlisting & Tracking Spreadsheet (A free version similar to the template we use within Asana)

  • Offer Template (Makes putting in offers and providing agents with your details much quicker and safer)

  • Sub Contractor Agreement (A draft contract recommended to use with your subcontractors)

  • Joint Venture Agreement (A draft contract you can use if you partner with anyone on a deal)

  • Blank Sales & Purchase Agreement (For making offers if needed)


All of the above is included but there are two routes to take as outlined below.

One on One Mentorship

Includes all the content above PLUS all topics are specifically catered to you and your situation over a one on one long lunch at a top Auckland restaurant or over a video call if you can’t make it to Auckland. I can cater to if you want to do it full or part time and/or if you have no capital, little or lots of capital and many other options like if you want to be hands on tools or not.

You’ll also get email support until your first project is sold. So we can help you secure a deal, renovate it and sell it and make you tens of thousands of dollars within a few months if you put in the time. Also, I can answer all your questions along the way.

This option is $4,000 including GST

Content only

This option just includes the video training and content and no meeting or support available that you get in the mentorship option.

The real value of mentorship option comes from being able to double check everything you do which will most likely save you thousands of dollars in mistakes in your first deal. But I also understand a lower price point might be the only option.

This option is $1,000 including GST

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us on social media or email [email protected]

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